Verdens Ende (End of the World) III


5 thoughts on “Verdens Ende (End of the World) III

  1. Really beautiful these shapes and well chosen for black and white. I’d crop the photo a bit more, cut a small stroke of the top (sky) and left, for an even more dramatic and abstract effect, but that is personal 🙂

      • I like it too! But at the same time I still like the top one as well, and seeing these two I have a third suggestion 🙂
        Take the first one and only cut some of the top/sky (which is the least interesting part of the photo), maybe even a tiny bit more than you did above. Then you’ll emphasize the rocks and shapes and keep a bit more of the depth in the picture.
        Sorry, but I only suggest because I think the photo is so beautiful and worth trying to see what’s the best crop.
        🙂 Noortje

      • Hi,
        today I had sme time again to do some processing. Here is your 2nd suggestion. I also cut off a little from the button:

        Verdens Ende III c

        Regards, Roland

  2. Fantastic picture! For a moment, I’d been thinking about croppuing, too, and for the same reason as Noortje – but then I thought, naaa, leave it! It’s fine just like it is!

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